Our Frame Shop

The Del Mar Optometric Dispensary takes pride in its quality and lens customization services. Not only do we offer top of the line frames but also the latest technologically advanced lenses. Every frames fits differently on each person and every person has a different prescription. So why put every person in the same type of standard lens? Unlike discount optical shops we take the time with each patient  to find out what they need out of their glasses, and match them with the best fit. We currently have the most advance measuring equipment called the VisiOffice which not only takes standard measurements but goes above and beyond to measure how you wear your glasses and how you move in your prescription. These extra measurement allow us to make the most personalized lenses for all your needs.

We offer an array of lens options such as Transitions which changes for any lighting condition you maybe faced with. Crizal Anti-reflective Coatings with help to eliminate annoying glare, scratched and debris build up to insure the clearest vision for our patients.

Our in house laboratory has the capability to the finish most all jobs while you wait.